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Shutter & Shade
The complete room darkening solution

If window light gets in the way of sound sleep, then the Shutter & Shade range from S:CRAFT could be your new best friend. Ideal for shift-workers, or children who need to sleep during the day, these blinds block out virtually all external light. Simply close your eyes and drift off into dreamland for a perfect, restful sleep.

Traditional ‘black-out’ blinds often let light seep in around the edges. The Shutter & Shade range is different. The blinds are housed snugly in recessed channels behind the shutters, so almost
all external light bleed is eliminated… great news for daytime sleepers, and even movie buffs eager to re-create a cinema-like ambience.


shutter shade system
About Shutter & Shade:
  • Available for Antigua, Fiji and Sumatra shutters
  • Superior light reduction over curtains and blinds
  • More insulating than just either shutters or honeycomb blinds by themselves
  • Perfect for bedrooms, nurseries or home cinema setups and media rooms
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Colours to choose from
colours to choose from
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